TBN thebot.net Is Down, What Happened? Where To Now?

Its official, thebot.net is offline. What is TBN thebot.net? It was a web forum where people could discuss money making methods, bots, programming and much more. While it wasn’t a one stop shop for making money and there were plenty of dud methods, there was a decent community and lots of information and feedback on methods.   

What happened to thebot.net?

While there are little details online about what has happened, no one really knows what happened to thebot.net. There are claims ranging from OVH had a major outage, to the tax man is after the admins. What is for sure is that TBN isnt coming back any time soon. This is what happens when you visit the website now:

TBN thebot.net is down after 1 month!

Where to now?

After looking around at some of the other websites, Nothing really seemed to fit the bill. One user by the name of “greenpower” has taken it upon himself to start another forum with a similar layout called Internet Money Kings. Head on over and check them out at http://www.internetmoneykings.com


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