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Saltwater System for Above ground Pool, Everything you NEED to know!

above ground saltwater system

Most pool owners today love salt water pools because they are easy to maintain and swimmers love the soft feel of the water. Salt water pools consistently have chlorinators that produce chlorine automatically. The chlorinator maintains steady chlorine residual that prevents cloudy water and algae. Unlike traditional chlorine pools, saltwater pools are less expensive to run. There are two types of saltwater swimming pools: in-ground and above ground pools. In this article, we will discuss all there is to know about choosing a saltwater system for above ground pool.

Selecting the right Above Ground Pool

There are many factors you need to consider when choosing your above ground pool apart from how pretty it is. It is important to consider the size, depth, shape and frame style of your above ground pool.  Your local codes and size of your yard may also play a big role in determine the kind of pool you can buy.

  • Size: Depending on the size of your backyard and local ordinances, you must decide whether you want an oval or round pool. Most customers tend to choose oval-shaped pools because they think it is bigger. However, depending on the size of your yard, a round pool may be more logical.
  • Depth: Most above ground pools have a depth of 54”, 52” and 48”. The depth of your pool determines the amount of water it can hold. If you are buying the pool for smaller children, consider buying shallower pool. Similarly, if you are buying the pool for taller people, consider buying a pool with the tallest walls.
  • Frame style: The frame of your pool includes plates, bottom rails, uprights and top ledges. Most above ground swimming pools are usually made of resin, aluminum or steel. For a saltwater pool, consider choosing a pool made from resin. Resin does not oxidize, corrode or rust. It is more expensive than steel. It does not get too hot when exposed to the sun and can hold up to water and elements quite well.

Choosing the Pump and Filter System

There are three types of filter systems you can choose for your pool: DE filter system, cartridge filter system and sand filter system. Consider choosing a filter system that is large enough for your pool size. If you choose an oversized filter, you will have much easier time when it comes to maintain the pool.

Saltwater Pool System

Also known as a chlorine generator, a saltwater pool system converts dissolved salt into chlorine.  The electrolytic cell in the chlorinator destroys chloramines which can cause damaged bathing suits, bleached/green hair, irritated skin and chlorine odor.

There are two main parts of a saltwater system: control board and the cell. The control board allows you to adjust the amount of chlorine produced while the cell allows electrolysis to take place to create chlorine.

Here are the four critical factors to consider when choosing a saltwater system for above ground pool:

  • Size: The size of your saltwater pool system is determined by the capacity of your pool. If you are not certain how many gallons your pool holds, use a volume calculator to find out.
  • Features: Choose a system that provides all bells and whistles according to your location and the how much automation you need. Fancy chlorinators allow you to adjust chlorine levels and salt levels as well as offer flow control, automatic cleaning, freeze protection and digital readouts.
  • Budget: Go for a chlorinator that is within your budget, but of a good quality. Consider replacement costs and lifespan of the unit when making your selection.