Top 5 Salt Water Pool Benefits Every Pool Owner Should Know

Salt Water Pool Benefits

Installing a swimming pool is an ideal way of spending time with your family and friends on those hot summer days. Swimming pools also help to add the resale value of your home. When it comes to installing a new swimming pool, you have to decide whether you want an in ground or above ground swimming pool.  Similarly, you have to choose between a chlorinated pool and a salt water pool. Even though a chlorinated pool has many benefits, there are many advantages of owning a salt water pool.   Here are the top 4 salt water pool benefits.

Less Maintenance in Needed

One of the top benefits of salt water pool is that it generates chlorine automatically. This means less chemical adjustments will be required on a weekly basis.  Newer salt water pool system work to sanitize the pool automatically, even though they are not completely maintenance free. However, it is important you test the waters on a weekly basis. Additionally, self-cleaning of the pool water mean less routine maintenance is needed than chlorine pool.

Gentle on Eyes

salt water gentle eyes

Salt water pools have much less salt than the ocean.  This means when you get splashed in the face or open your eyes under water, it won’t sting. The salt concentration of the pool is very similar to that of human tears.  Some indoor chlorinated pools will make your eyes water and lungs to burn.  Salt water pools have no chemical fumes to irritate your respiratory system or eyes.

Gentle on Skin and Hair

pool green hair

Chlorine causes your skin to dry out. It makes your hair brittle and discolored. Since salt water pools have less chlorine, the water in them is less gentle. This means people with a sensitive skin can confidently swim in the pool without worrying about getting irritated.  In fact, most swimmers say the salt water makes them feel better.  They say salt makes water to feel soft, which consequently makes the skin to feel smoother after swimming.

Less Chlorine is Safe

chlorine pool

A high concentration of chlorine can cause severe chemical burns. When you swim in water saturated with chlorine, the chlorine gets absorbed into your skin. Once it gets into the body it causes serious breathing problems, allergies and asthma. Recent studies also show a close relationship between chlorine exposures to certain types of cancer.

Cost Benefits

For a chlorinated pool, you expect to spend at least $40 monthly on chemicals necessary to keep the pool clean. With salt water pool, you only have to pour a bag of salt into the salt machine once every 6 weeks. Even then, a bag of salt is cheaper than buying chlorine chemicals monthly. Salt water pools will allow you to not only save money on pool maintenance, but also your swimwear will last longer since there are no high levels of chlorine to cause fading. Energy costs will be lower than what you would expect from a chlorinated pool.

These are just some of the top salt water pool benefits. The only problem with salt water pool is that the automatic chlorine generator uses saltwater. Salt water causes damages to steel and concrete. Thus, it is important that you ensure that your salt water pool is well sealed to prevent damage to the surrounding.