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Critical Steps to Follow When Cleaning Your Pool Pump Strainer Basket

Cleaning Your Pool Pump Strainer Basket

A pool pump strainer basket is an integral component of any swimming pool. It collects large pieces of debris that might have been sucked in via the main drain or were missed by the skimmer.  The strainer basket also helps to prevent debris from entering the pump assembly and clogging the impeller. To keep the pool pump strainer basket from functioning optimally, you should ensure that it is checked and cleared weekly. If not it’s not well maintained, the pool pump strainer basket may clog and reduce the flow of water via the swimming pool. Here are critical steps to follow while cleaning your pool pump strainer basket.

Step 1: Turn Off the Water Supply to Pool

Before cleaning your strainer basket, you need to switch off the pool pump to stop water from flowing via it.

Step 2: Relieve Pressure

The next step is to relieve the pressure that may have built in both the water line and the pump. Check the pressure gauge, and note down the pressure level. Typically, it should be between 15 to 20 psi.  Turn on the air relief valve on top of the filter to relieve pressure. Note that water will spray out as you release the pressure.

Step 3: Open the Strainer

Open up the strainer, first turn the knobs on the strainer clockwise and then swivel the knobs downwards.  Some strainer lids may have screws rather than the usual knobs. In such a case, turn the lid anti-clockwise to remove it off the top of the strainer.

Step 4: Check Strainer Basket for Debris

Once you remove the lid, check if there are any debris in the basket. Remove the basket from the pool pump housing assembly.

Step 5: Clean the Debris

Look at the bottom of the pool pump basket, if there are any debris clean them out using a garden hose.  Avoid knocking the strainer basket on the hard surface or ground. Your pool pump basket is made of flexible plastic and it can easily break over time. Place your pool pump basket back into the housing assembly.

Step 6: Check the Pool Pump Strainer basket for Stretching or Tears

Check if the strainer basket for stretching or tears. If you notice any, replace it as required. Before you replace the strainer lid, it is recommendable that you lubricate it. This helps to prolong the life of your pool pump strainer basket.

Step 7: Check the Pressure Gauge

In this step, check if the pool pump lid needs a replacement. Next, swivel the bolts and tighten them appropriately to maintain equal pressure on the pool pump lid.  You can use your bare hands to tighten it. Switch on the power to the pool to allow pressure to build in the system.  Wait for a few minutes and then check the pressure reading on the gauge to ensure it is within the recommended level.

Step 8: Close the Valve

In the step, the air relief valve should remain open.  As the pressure level increases, the air valve is released via the relief valve. When water begins to spray out of the valve, switch the air relief valve clockwise to turn it off.