Pool Party Theme Ideas

pool party theme ideas 2

Swimming pool parties can be lots of fun, especially if they are well planned. The first step to making a pool party successful is setting the tone with the right overall theme. Choose a theme for your pool party and complete it with decorations, foods and activities for a festive time. The type of theme you choose largely depends with the guests you’ve invited. If planning an adult pool party in the evening go for a sophisticated theme, where’s you’ll want to go for a kid friendly theme if you are hosting a pool party for kids. Here 5 popular pool party theme ideas.

  1. Under The Sea

If you are looking for fun birthday party ideas this summer, host an “Under The Sea” themed pool party for your child.  As the name suggests, an “Under The Sea” theme is full of colorful decorations inspired by the ocean, such as sea turtles, octopus, crabs, fish and mermaids. You can find many animal floats and inflatables to match this theme.

When it comes to food, go for the “Under The Sea” inspired ideas, such as blue lemonade, sea-blue cake pops, blue jello in clear cups and star-fish sandwiches. Use small sand buckets to serve individual snacks for all children. Use ocean with sea styled graphics on your invitation cards to set the tone of child’s party.

  1. Beach

Although the party is taking place at a swimming pool, you can bring the feeling of a beach party with the right decorations. Include a sandbox for kid pool party along with pails and shovels to play with. You add custom beach style signs, inflatable palm trees and beach chairs. Decorate the tables with starfish, pearls, seashells and other beach elements.  Drape large colorful beach towels over fences or chairs and put large umbrellas to provide both decoration and shade for the sun-soaked guests.

For foods, focus on fresh seafood to remain focused to the theme. You can also some ice cream, soda, chops and pizza. Keep the guests entertained with a game of volley and some soft music.

  1. Hawaiian Luau

The Hawaiian Luau theme works well for any outdoor party. Incorporate large paper or fresh flowers, leis, bright colors and grass skirts into the pool setting. Place the brightly colored flowers anywhere for an enhanced festive mood. Consider hanging the grass skirts around fences and tables, for an elegant Hawaiian appearance.  Attach green leaves from trees with a couple of brown balloons for coconuts. For a more special look, consider floating some orchids on the pool water.  If you cannot find orchids, buy floating candles for use.

When it comes to food, serve coconut cakes, sweet potatoes, fresh papaya and fresh mango, grilled pineapple and pulled pork. For fun luau activities, do some hula hoops, limbo contents and hula contents. Some games to consider include pineapple bowling.