Pool Party Ideas For Adults

pool party ideas for adults

Pool parties aren’t just for teenagers and children, adults can also get in on the fun too! However, when you are planning a pool party for adults, you will realize that the approach you take should be totally different with that for kids.  In this article, we will discuss the best pool party ideas for adults to help you organize an unforgettable event.

Pool Party Themes

swimming pool party themes

Incorporate themed decorations and party supplies that are enticing and pocket friendly. You can make your food, favors or activities to match the theme. Here are some top pool party themes for adults:

  • Colors: Invite your guests to wear coordinated swimwear according to theme colors, such as metallic gold or black and white polka dots.
  • Las Vegas: You can change your menu with unexpected items, such as Ruben sandwiches or sushi. Place tables beside the pool for poker games or blackjack. If you want, you can buy some prizes and allow people play for them!
  • Carnival: This theme requires you to recreate the atmosphere around your pool by hanging yellow, blue, white and red decorations. Provide snow cones and cotton candy and hire a fortune teller or invite a person who is amateur tarot card reader.
  • Beach Party: To apply this theme, you do not have to dump sand everywhere! Instead, scatter seashells on table, cover chairs with beach towels and add some beachside favorite dishes, suc as ice cream and hot dogs.
  • Hawaiian Luau: It is the most popular pool party theme. You have to decorate the area with tropical flowers and bright colors. Consider including a carved fruit bowl with you refreshments. You can even ask your guests to wear Hawaiian print shirts and turn it into a contest for the most outrageous ones.

Decoration Ideas

pool party decorations

Use themed slipovers and tabletop decorations to emphasize the theme and enhance the atmosphere. Keep the furniture arranged in small groups around the pool perimeter. Plan the lighting accordingly by incorporating votive candles, electric lights and tiki torches to illuminate conversational spaces without the need for harsh flood lights. Decorate your pool with inflatable beach balls, themed rubber ducky’s and squishy water bombs.

Add potted palms and plants give the pool area an exotic appeal. Keep the changing rooms separate from the bathroom to accommodate the wet swimsuits, hair ties and extra towels. Provide attractive votive candle holders, fun shaped soaps and themed hand towels. Keep your serving tables set up on the outside area. Create a separate venue for dining for a change of scenery. Add themed place card holders to each table to identify covered drink and dishes names.

Pool Party Food Ideas

pool party food ideas

We actually recently did an article on Pool Party Food Ideas. Pool party for adults is not complete without a bunch of foods for guests. Prepare the food before the event starts to avoid last minute rush.  Plan of delicious foods, such as chips, tacos, watermelon slices, fresh lemonades and popsicles. If you want, fire up your grill and prepare some burgers and hot dogs. Make sure there are plenty of non-alcoholic drinks to keep your guests hydrated.  Avoid alcohol as it does not go well with heat and sun. Add drinks, like orange lemonade, non-alcoholic sangria, non-alcoholic mojito and Paloma fizz cocktail.

We hope you enjoyed this article. Remember if you still need help with anything remember to leave a comment below. We are always hunting for new pool ideas at nerdgrade!