Pool Party Ideas For 13 Year Olds

Pool Party Ideas For 13 Year Olds

Having a pool party could be a lot of work planning, creating, and researching. Not only that but for some 13 year old kids isn’t quite necessarily the easiest thing to plan out of the blue. Luckily for you here are some awesome pool party ideas for your next 13 year old kid’s party.

Let’s first go ahead and start with some decor/things to do. One of those things is:

Having your very own photo booth.

kids photobooth

It’s so fun and it’s something other to do than swimming which is cool, and it’s super easy. All you have to do is, take a table cloth tablecloth and a garland from Target and put them up on the fence then just take some pool floaties and put them by it so that we have some props, and all you need is a phone or a props, and all you need is a phone or a props, and all you need is a phone or a camera and are set.

It’s just such an easy way to make your pool party a little more fun and look super cute, and it gives you something to Instagram which is a plus.

Let’s move on to some essentials, and that would include having some cool looking pool floaties, and they are way cheaper off Amazon than any other place so definitely go there I will warn place you. You don’t have to be spending $80 on one floaty you can get them for really cheap different places.

DIY Fruit Popsicles

DIY Fruit Popsicles

Okay so now let’s move on to some DIY snacks like awesome delicious fruit popsicles which are incredible, like I’m in love with them I might actually have one tonight with them I might have one tonight with them I might have one tonight, anyway so you’re gonna need some fruit any kind of your choice and some popsicle molds like those little Tupperware looking things

Then you take your fruit and just put them in the container and then all you have to do is fill it up with whatever type of juice you want. I personally love lemonade, so obviously, I had to do some lemonade and then just stick it in the freezer and then just stick it in the freezer and then you have these adorable tumblery looking popsicles, and again they’re so good you guys you have to try them.

These would be perfect for a a pool party and of course you can also take pictures with them in front of the DIY photo booth because they’re so tumblery and whatnot anyways let’s move on.

Water-balloon Toss Games

Water-balloon Toss Games

Another great way to have an absolute blast at a kids pool party is by playing the water balloon toss game.

To play, you-you divide everyone into groups of 2, and use a beach towel to hurl/snap a water balloon over a volleyball net. The team on the other side attempts to catch it and throw it back. You can successfully do it with multiple groups at once, and you probably could even do it with no net. In general, filling a few hundred water balloons and having them handy would be a massive success and be extremely popular. Just be careful not to get these in your pool filter.



To make these yummy drinks that will be a smash at the party you first start off by filling a huge pitcher with sprite and then you’re just going to add some blue food colouring and then you’re just going to add however much you want to make it the colour blue you want. If you want it darker you add more it’s pretty self-explanatory. Then after that you add some coconut extract pouring it into some really cool ocean themed jugs and then you add some Swedish fish to add a little more flavour and to make it really ocean and summer theme. It’s just a cute touch, and they sink to the bottom, and you get to chew them afterwards. This drink is a party MUST!


This first one is an absolute hit that everyone at the party will enjoy. It’s creating sort of contest like for example guys versus girls.

What you do is, you freeze several large blocks of ice around 4 cup container size a size that’s nice and big. On the day of the party put two empty bowls on either side of the pool that will correspond to each team.

Next what you do is you throw the large ice cubes in the middle of the pool and see which team can retrieve the most of the ice cubes before they all melt inside the pool! You won’t believe how much fun this is going to cause. Now, I am starting to make sure large chunks of ice because the first time we attempted this idea with regular plain ice cubes, it was so hot that day and the water was also so warm that they melted almost immediately upon hitting the water. So watch out for that.


pool projector

Lastly, once everyone is done swimming and have already eaten and are having a complete blast at the pool party, you can then set up some speakers and a projector outside and put on a movie. Now the best part about this is, you can buy some inflatable pools from Walmart or any other local grocery store and then you just enjoy and watch the movie while inside the inflatable pool floating above the water. You ideally want to watch a movie that has something to do with water such as Jaws. It’s so much fun. Also having fresh popcorn ready to go for movie time is a big plus to make that awesome experience that much better.

Alright well, that’s some really cool pool party ideas for 13-year-old kids and kids in general. Let us know what your favourite one was in the comments.