Top Pool Party Food Ideas

pool party food ideas

With summer in full swing, the best way you can cool off is by hosting a pool party.  Pool parties are great way to end the summer and there is no better celebrate summer than splashing and having lots of fun in the pool. Of course, no pool party is complete without a bunch of foods for the guests.  Whether drinks, main dishes, side dishes, salads and of course dessert, it is imperative that you plan yourself well. You certainly do not want your guests to starve after spending most of their time playing in and around your swimming pool. Here are the best pool party food ideas to help you plan your pool party this summer.

What to Serve for Your Pool Party

Food for your pool party should be easy pick with your hands.

  • Dips
  • Subs
  • Pizza

All are good options.  To save on your pool party food, consider starting the during the normal meal times.  Your guests will certainly expect lunch if the party starts at 11:00am or noon, but not so much at 2pm.  It works well for the evening too, most people will not expect dinner for a night pool party that starts at 7:30pm. A later start may not work if you are planning a kid’s party.

More importantly, avoid getting everyone to sit down for a meal.  Meals can be too heavy and kids will want to escape to continue playing. Most of your guests are more likely to go for foods that are easy to grab on.  During this time fire up the BBQ for your party, it is the ideal time to be grilling!

Kiddie Pool Food Holder

If you are worried about food getting mushy and warm in the hot heat, consider filling up a kiddie pool with ice and place all your food in it to keep it nice and fresh.  A kiddie pool not only helps you to keep your food cool, but also showcases your pool party theme.

Zucchini Crisps

Chips are a perfect pool party snack, but if you want a low carb diet that still packs the crunch, consider baking your own Zucchini crisps.   Consider seasoning fresh zucchini slices with parmesan, pepper, salt and olive oil. Bake for 10 minutes and ensure that each serving contains 2.4 g net carbs.

Fish Tacos and Mini Sliders

Grill fresh snapper, mahi mahi, salmon or halibut on foil on the BBQ and season with pepper and lime. Warm small tortillas for serving and top the tacos with a cilantro, fresh salsa, chopped cabbage and cayenne aioli. Pineapple mango salsa is also a perfect option during summer. Other perfect barbecue foods are mini sliders.  You can buy mini beef burger patties from food stores or make them on your own. Alternatively, you can do fish sliders or use grilled mushrooms for a vegetarian option.

Non-Alcoholic Summer Drinks

Sun, heat and swimming do not go well with alcohol. Apart from the safety factor, you need to consider dehydration, especially for full day pool parties.   Here are some non-alcoholic drinks adults and kids will love:

  • Non-alcoholic mojito
  • Paloma fizz mocktail
  • Orange lemonade
  • Non-alcoholic sangria

These are just some pool party food ideas you should consider. There are many other foods you can choose to provide depending on the theme of your pool party.