How to clean a pool pump filter

How to clean a pool pump filter

A pool pump filter plays an essential role in any swimming pool. It filters out the water in the pool. The pool filter hooks up to the pipe entering your pool to ensure water flows via it before it makes its way into the pool. With an optimally functioning water filter, you will have to mind about swimming in dirty.  The best way to keep your pool pump filter functioning well is to clean it regularly. There are many types of pool pump filters and it is important that you understand how they work before cleaning them.

3 Types of Pool Filters

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There are three major types of pool pump filters:

  • Sand Filters

Sand filters are increasingly becoming popular as a great mid-range filter option. They are shaped like a sphere or a large cylinder and usually sit beside the pool. The part of the filter is the tank filled with sand. The pump pushes water via the sand which then removes any contaminants in the water. Sand filters are ideal for the above-ground swimming pools, but they can also be used with pop-up swimming pools.

  • Cartridge Filters

These filters have fabric or paper cartridge placed inside the filter house. They are found behind the screen or flap in the wall of your pool.  They are affordable and easy to clean. The only shortcoming of cartridge filters is that they may allow some contaminants to pass into your pool.

  • Diatomaceous Earth Filters (DE Filters)

They are the most effective but expensive pool filters today. They resemble sand filters on the outside, and help you remove all contaminants in the water.


Tips on How to Clean a Sand Pool Pump Filter

Cleaning a pool pump filter is easy and takes about an hour to complete. Follow these critical steps while cleaning your sand pool pump filter:

Step 1: Switch off the pump and filter. Where possible shut off the breaker that controls and unplug them from the power source.

Step 2: Switch the backwash valve on the filter to the backwash position. Clamp the backwash hose to the water outlet on the filter and completely unwind it.

Step 3: Turn the filter and pump on again. You will notice eater coming out of the backlash valve. Wait for the wait to clear and the switch off the pump and filter once again.

Step 4: Return the backwash handle back to the usual position before gathering up the hose. Ensure you empty the hose off any water that may be inside.

Step 5: Switch the pump and filter on before opening the air relief valve on the filter. When the water comes out normally switch the valve off.

Step 6: Remove the manifold inside the filter. Be careful not to break any of the fingers. Use a small cup to remove the sand, until you can easily remove the filter.

Step 7: Rinse out the inside of the filter using the garden so as to get rid of the remaining sand

Step 8: Put the sand back the filter, be sure to follower the user manual to know how much sand to add so as to get the filter to the right pressure.

Step 9: Place the filter to the right position and fill the tank with sand about a third full before putting the manifolds back into place.

Step 10: After filling the tank, backwash it again.  After backwashing the tank with new sand, you will be ready to go. Allow the filter to cycle for half an hour before using the swimming pool again.