Finding Learning Software for Your Child: A Look at Some Companies and Games to Help Children Learn

When looking for Christmas gifts, birthday gifts, etc. don’t overlook learning games. Edutainment offers hours of real fun while internalizing skills needed for not only school but for life.

Shop for Children’s Learning Software on a Budget

You can shop online or in stores; however, some idea of what to look for can save you money and help you stay on a budget. There are wonderful bargains out there at places like Amazon and PriceGrabber. Some are even available for instant downloads for last-minute shoppers as well as comparison shopping to stay on a budget. Most major stores also carry many of these items also.

Be sure you know what operating system your computer is using, and whether it is Windows or Mac. Don’t worry if your computer is older, as you’ll find amazing bargains on older software. Also, consider buying used if you shop online since you can get so much for your money. (A child is far more concerned about the fun of the game than the box it comes in! You can present it to the child already loaded into the computer.)

Some Recommended Companies for Educational Software

Although there are many others, these are some of the company names to watch for when looking for children’s educational software:

  • The Learning Company
  • Jump Start
  • Creative Wonders
  • Broderbund or Riverdeep
  • DK Interactive Learning (also called Dorling Kindersley)
  • Davidson
  • Scholastic
  • Disney
  • MECC
  • Knowledge Adventure

Some Fun Children’s Software to Aid Learning

Kids won’t even realize they’re learning if you don’t point it out! Recently the Journal of Psychology and Aging found learning games for kids even have value for adults, especially seniors. This is one more reason to spend some time at first helping a child get acquainted with the learning game. Of course, remember not to mention the learning value to your child. Relax and have fun with the game, and the learning will occur. (Hint: Don’t focus on the level; focus on the fun and the levels will grow.)

Here are a few of the most effective software programs which children will enjoy playing:

  • School House Rock Games (the kids will tell you it rocks)
  • Clue Finders Adventure Games
  • Carmen Sandiego
  • Reader Rabbit
  • Math Rabbit
  • Sesame Street games
  • Trail Games: Oregon, Amazon, Yukon etc.
  • Super Solvers Series (Spellbound creates games for child’s spelling list)
  • Math Journey
  • Reading Journey
  • Living Books: Arthur, Tortoise and the Hare, Berenstein Bears, Cat in the Hat, & many others which have words being read highlighted. Wonderful for fun and fluency!
  • Muncher Games
  • DK’s USA Explorer and World Explorer

Whether the choice is made by company or by program, these will provide some fine learning experiences while having a ball.

This is a good time to explore the world of computer learning through play for your child. You can still stay on your budget. Don’t let valuable time for learning slip away. Invest in your child’s learning while having loads of fun!


My Future Star Baseball Software for Smartphone: Keep Track of Little League Baseball Stats to College Baseball Stats

One fantastic solution that has just reached the marketplace is aimed at keeping track of a child’s baseball or softball life. My Future Star Baseball is a SmartPhone App that is aimed at making keeping track of the craziness a little easier. Here are some of the highlights associated with My Future Star Baseball.

  • Alert Reminder
  • Individual Stat Inputs
  • Season Stat Inputs
  • Locations
  • Social Media Connections
  • Email Connectivity

Those are just some of the facets of the My Future Star Baseball application. For more detail on some of those interfaces, check out the descriptions below.

My Future Star Baseball Alert Reminder

The alert reminder is like an alarm clock for baseball or softball practices and games. Never miss a moment of the action again. Simply program in the date, time and place of the event and the My Future Star Baseball Reminder will send an alert ahead of time reminding the user of the upcoming event.

My Future Star Baseball Game Day Page

This page encapsulates all of the necessary info for the big game. Field location, time, and teams are all part of the app. But My Future Baseball Star doesn’t stop there, it also allows for special reminders such as “photo day” or “bring snack” so that the parent is never caught off guard.


My Future Star Baseball Hitting Stats

Part of the fun of Little League, Babe Ruth League, High School or College baseball is keeping track of the stats. This app tracks 19 different offensive batting stats that can be entered at the touch of a button.

My Future Star Baseball Fielding Stats

The My Future Star App also tracks eight different fielding stats, including a few for catchers. Keep track of a child’s fielding to see if they are improving over the course of a season!

My Future Star Baseball Pitching Stats

Some people find figuring out such stats as an ERA (earned run average) a little more complicated than say just tallying up the amount of strike outs. This App allows the user to instantly compute an ERA and keep track of up to 15 pitching stats.

Final Stats Page

The final stats page encompasses exactly what is sounds like it encompasses. It is a tallying of all the inputted stats. But, this App goes one step further and allows the user to keep track of not only single game stats, but a whole season worth of stats.

Multiple Baseball or Softball Players? No Problem

This App can track a multitude of different players so that everyone can have their season stats saved. This is great for coaches who wish to chart their stats from the comfort of their SmartPhone.

My Future Baseball Star is Great for Social Networking

Just because friends, family and other loved ones can’t make the game, doesn’t mean that they can’t be part of the action. Share the stats through Facebook or other social networking sites so that everyone can be part of the action.

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