DIY Pool Party Decoration Ideas

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If you have a pool, you certainly would want to have a beautiful backyard around it.  You want a space that is peaceful, cool and inviting.  If you are planning to throw a pool party, you may want to add pool party decorations to match your chosen pool party theme. The best part is that you can make these decorations on your own. Here are some DIY pool party decoration ideas you can execute.

Entrance / Welcome

Welcome your guests to your pool party by directing to the party area with signage, streamers or pennants that pave way for fun. One of the best ways of doing this is by using a sidewalk chalk to draw creative designs on the garden paths and driveway to show guests their desired entrance.

Pool Fence

Decorate the pool fence with flowered garland looped across the top. For a more festive look, hang plastic shovels, lifesaver-shaped floats and other fun beach items from the looped garland.

Food Table

If you have a gazebo, fill a bunch of colorful balloons with helium. Attach a long string and then fill the gazebo celling with them. This is a great decoration over a food table. Cut shapes out of paper and slip them into the forks to set as placeholders. Place your knives and forks in a cute flower pot instead of having them just lying out. If you will be using plastic cups, wrap a band of washing tape around them for a more stylish look.

Pool Area

  • Put Beautiful Potted Plants on the Pool Side

You do not have to spend a lot of cash luxurious pots to use plants in your pool side. You can decorate plain pots with jewels, lace, fabric or paint. Even if you are not a skilled master crafter, you can give a plain oil pot some personality by painting a simple, shimmery, gold strip around it. Place the painted points on the pool side for a natural look.

  • Use Overhead Decorations

Make an overhead decoration by tying large balloons to a heavy string. Tie the strings across the pool and over the food tables for a festive flair.

  • Bring a Toddler’s Plastic Swimming Pool

If you are planning for a kid pool party, consider getting a toddler’s plastic swimming pool for holding the children’s water toys, such as water balloons (for teens), water guns, floats, shovels and plastic buckets.

  • Create a Bowling Alley

This is also ideal for a kid pool party. To create a bowling alley, you need two standard pool noodles and one and half noodle.  Use a duct tape (it comes in beautiful colors and festive designs) and a tape to create a three-sided alley on the grass. Use plastic items, such as a large plastic glass and then use beach balls that are too big for the toddlers to hold as the bowling ball.

When Not Using the Pool

If you will not be using the pool, another great DIY decoration idea is to fill the pool with balloons that just float on the top. Fill the balloons with regular and not helium. For an adult pool party, fill large balloons with helium, attach a long string to reach the bottom and float the balloons above the water.
There are many other DIY pool party decorations you can try out. If you are using a specific pool party theme, make sure that the decorations match with it.