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Top 5 Salt Water Pool Benefits Every Pool Owner Should Know

Installing a swimming pool is an ideal way of spending time with your family and friends on those hot summer days. Swimming pools also help to add the resale value of your home. When it comes to installing a new swimming pool, you have to decide whether you want an in ground or above ground […]


5 Salt Water Pool Maintenance Tips Every Pool Owner Should Know

Salt water pools are increasingly becoming popular in recent years. This is because they are less expensive to own and easy to maintain. Unlike normal chlorinated pools, salt water pools are less harsh on the skin and hair. Salt water also acts as a gentle disinfectant that keeps cuts and scrapes clean. Many pool owners […]


How to Make Your Own Sand Filter Pool Cleaner at Home

A pool filter acts as the last line of defense in trapping debris and removing contaminants keeping your swimming pool clean. Thus, it is imperative that you always use the right pool filter and keep it clean as you possibly can. You can make your own pool filter cleaner homemade to supplement or replace the […]


How to clean a pool pump filter

A pool pump filter plays an essential role in any swimming pool. It filters out the water in the pool. The pool filter hooks up to the pipe entering your pool to ensure water flows via it before it makes its way into the pool. With an optimally functioning water filter, you will have to […]