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Pool Party Ideas for 10 Year Olds

Pool parties are a perfect option for kids to have fun. Throwing a pool party for 10 year olds can be a lot like a beach party without associated costs and hassles. There are some safety and fun tips to consider so that all guests enjoy themselves without incidents. Remember that the primary goal of […]


Swimming Pool Party Ideas

There is no denying that swimming pool parties can be great fun, especially during the hot summer months. Planning a successful party will take some work.  You can enhance your pool party to become better with pool party ideas. Here are the best swimming pool party ideas to help you plan a successful fun and […]


Waterproof Tattoo Cover Up For Swimming

Tattoos look awesome!  Nearly everyone has one or more tattoos. Tattoos are an ideal way to show off your personality and unique sense of style. After getting a tattoo, there are certain steps you should take to make sure that you protect your body art and your health too. If you submerge your tattoo in […]


Pool Party Game Ideas

Games for your pool party are essential. It is recommendable that you plan three to five games for a daytime pool party. Games help to make your pool party more interactive and enjoyable. When coordinating games for kid pool parties, it is important that you have one or two designated chaperones for safety. Here are […]


How to Make Your Own Sand Filter Pool Cleaner at Home

A pool filter acts as the last line of defense in trapping debris and removing contaminants keeping your swimming pool clean. Thus, it is imperative that you always use the right pool filter and keep it clean as you possibly can. You can make your own pool filter cleaner homemade to supplement or replace the […]


Critical Steps to Follow When Cleaning Your Pool Pump Strainer Basket

A pool pump strainer basket is an integral component of any swimming pool. It collects large pieces of debris that might have been sucked in via the main drain or were missed by the skimmer.  The strainer basket also helps to prevent debris from entering the pump assembly and clogging the impeller. To keep the […]


How to clean a pool pump filter

A pool pump filter plays an essential role in any swimming pool. It filters out the water in the pool. The pool filter hooks up to the pipe entering your pool to ensure water flows via it before it makes its way into the pool. With an optimally functioning water filter, you will have to […]


Pool Party Ideas For 13 Year Olds

Having a pool party could be a lot of work planning, creating, and researching. Not only that but for some 13 year old kids isn’t quite necessarily the easiest thing to plan out of the blue. Luckily for you here are some awesome pool party ideas for your next 13 year old kid’s party. Let’s […]


Converting Your Above-Ground Pool to Saltwater

Traditional chlorine pools afford a lot of disadvantages such as uncomfortable side effects and maintenance difficulties hence why saltwater pools prove the ideal alternative. But how exactly do you convert your above-ground pool t o a saltwater model? Well, the guide below will show you how to convert your above ground pool to saltwater simply and […]

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