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Chlorine / CYA Pool Chart

Perhaps a cornerstone element of any pool owner is understanding the relationship between the chlorine in your pool and the stabilizer you put in to protect the chlorine from the sun. Generally, the more stabilizer, the more chlorine you need to maintain its effectiveness. The charts below show the recommended relationship for outdoor residential pools. […]


Why Does Pool Water Turn Green, And Is It Safe?

How does swimming pool water turn green and exactly what are the consequences of swimming in a green pool? Well there are many but first lets go over why your pool is green in the first place. The green you see in your pool is what as known as Algae. While generally Algae is harmless […]


5 Salt Water Pool Maintenance Tips Every Pool Owner Should Know

Salt water pools are increasingly becoming popular in recent years. This is because they are less expensive to own and easy to maintain. Unlike normal chlorinated pools, salt water pools are less harsh on the skin and hair. Salt water also acts as a gentle disinfectant that keeps cuts and scrapes clean. Many pool owners […]